Gentlemen Burgs: New burger joint in Simpang Bedok opens, but only for 3 days weekly

East side burgers.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as a wholesome burger, especially if it’s bang for your buck. We would know, we wrote an entire list of halal burgers for every budget.

Introducing Gentlemen Burgs – a new burger joint in Simpang Bedok that is perfect for those who are budget-conscious, yet who refuse to compromise on options.

Gentlemen Burgs shopfront

Most of the burgers in the menu are $10 each. At $15, the double-patty Banjir Burgs is the most expensive burger.

Located behind the Bedok Marketplace on the same lane as Badoque, the humble burger store had a quiet opening in late August.

If you are unable to find a shopfront, that is because Gentlemen Burgs is co-sharing a space within Kaff Kafe.

Kaff Kafe at Simpang Bedok
Photograph: The Halal Eater

Simple, honest, home-made flavours

Gentlemen Burgs takes pride in their homemade beef patty which they feature in four out of their six burgers.

The sauces are also another ingredient which they claim to make on their own as well.

From minimal photos we have seen on social media, the Banjir Burgs seems to be a hot favourite.

Banjir Burg
Photograph: @gentlemenburgs

Made of two beef patties, BBQ sauce, turkey bacon and flooded with nacho and American cheese, we can see how this messy burger is an instant favourite.

In burger world, the messier, the better.

As tempting as Banjir Burgs is, we were drawn to two other burgers for our inaugural taste of Gentlemen Burgs instead.

Truffle Mayo Burger ($10)

This burger is a delicious piece of beefy, buttery, craftsmanship. It’s all beef, cheese, mayo truffle sauce, and iceberg lettuce. Simple. Delicious. And that’s just how we like it.

Truffle Mayo Burger

You can also opt for fried cod fish instead of beef.

Mushroom Swiss ($12)

The beef is perfectly grilled and juicy. The mushroom sauce is smoky and earthy, although we wish for the texture to be thicker and grittier.

Mushroom Swiss

Thankfully, there are some mushroom chunks and turkey bacon going on in there too, all neatly packed between a toasted bun. For $12 with fries, this thing’s a steal.

The gentlemen behind the burgs

The new F&B business is a joint venture by three friends. Except for one of them who also owns Gentlemen Wanton, the business is their first together.

At the moment, all three of them still have full time jobs and take turns to man the shop as and when they can.

That explains the eatery’s rather short opening hours: Friday to Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm.

When this author visited the shop on a Friday evening, the guys were kept busy with a steady flow of customers who came by to try the burgers for the first time.

Pre-orders available

If you are able to wait for the weekend to come, consider ordering your burgers in advance as Gentlemen Burgs also takes weekly pre-orders.

There are very limited slots weekly so best to order way in advance. Just keep a look out on their social media for updated news.

We are unsure if they plan to open on other days in the future, but in the meantime, try and catch them when you can.

Here’s where to find Gentlemen Burgs:
No. 294 Bedok Road, Singapore 469450 (Simpang Bedok) – co-located with @thekaffkafe

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 
Friday – Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm

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