Birdhaus by Project Warung opens in Bukit Merah on Oct 17

Fried chicken 🍗 concept by the people behind Burgs.

One thing is clear: Burgs by Project Warung serves some of the best affordable burgers ever.

The group launched their hawker burger concept in 2017, just as the gourmet burger trend was expanding nationwide.

Burgs was successful despite stiff competition, and the brand concept expanded swiftly to four outlets within 3 years.

Now, Project Warung is back with another new hawker concept and brand called “Birdhaus” and their first location will open today (October 17) at Bukit Merah.

Chicken perfection for the masses

Birdhaus and Project Warung have been teasing the new fried chicken shop for weeks, but only confirmed its opening in an Instagram post on October 16.

The new eatery will have a menu that in addition to its core items of fried chicken, will include Geprek with either rice or Indomie.

Geprek is an Indonesian dish of crispy battered fried chicken crushed and mixed with hot and spicy sambal, so we are keen to see how Birdhaus interprets this traditional dish.

The flavour choices for the fried chicken will also be abundant.

Birdhaus currently offers a variety of sweet and spicy options like the Birdhaus Original, Garlic Parmesan, Birdhaus Hot Chicken, Smoky Harissa and Honey Soy.

Combo meal starts from S$6.50

The most affordable set is currently the 2-piece Wing Meal (S$6.50) which is served with a choice of 1 side and 2 sauce flavours. A 3-piece Wing Meal costs S$9.40.

If you prefer more meat for your buck, the 2- or 3-piece Chicken Meal would be more ideal and cost S$7.50 and S$10 respectively.

Birdhaus Hot Chicken
Birdhaus Hot Chicken. Photo: @birdhaussg/Instagram
Birdhaus Honey Soy chicken
Birdhaus Honey Soy chicken. Photo: @birdhaussg/Instagram

Group diners or solo diners with voracious appetites will appreciate the Birdhaus Bucket.

A 6-piece Chicken Wing Bucket Meal costs S$11.90, while a 12-piece version will set you back S$23.50.

Alternatively, a 6-piece Mix Parts Bucket Meal goes for S$18.00 while the 8-piece version is S$23.50.

The Geprek (S$7.50) comes with either rice or Indomie as well as a spice level ranging from 1 to 3 chilli padis.

Birdhaus Geprek Rice
Birdhaus Nasi Ayam Geprek. Photo: @birdhaussg/Instagram
Birdhaus Geprek Indomie
Birdhaus Geprek Indomie. Photo: @birdhaussg/Instagram

Sides to complete the meal

Birdhaus also offers a variety of sides to complement your fried chicken meal.

This includes standard carbs like rice, mashed potatoes and French fries, although we would most likely go for the Fire Fries to spice things up even further.

Birdhaus Fire Fries
Birdhaus Fire Fries. Photo: @birdhaussg/Instagram
Birdhaus Mashed Potatoes
Birdhaus Mashed Potatoes. Photo: @birdhaussg/Instagram

Other interesting sides to note are the Mexican style corn in a cup which is a Birdhaus signature, and crispy chicken skin which is arguably, the best part of every fried chicken.

If you are looking for a new place to check out this weekend, Birdhaus is as good a place as any to visit.

Besides, if Burgs is anything to go by, we expect Birdhaus to be just as awesome as its burger counterparts.

Here’s where to find Birdhaus by Project Warung:
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40, Singapore 151119

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm

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