The complete halal food guide to Haji Lane: 7 spots for waffles, fish & chips, pastries and more

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Haji Lane halal food guide

Let’s be clear, Haji Lane is hip central. This narrow thoroughfare in Kampong Glam is filled with cool boutiques, quaint jewelry stores stores and places where you can get everything from healing crystals to a hair cut. If all that makes you want to request Monday off immediately, know that the F&B scene in Haji Lane also keeps getting better and better.

Here’s a guide to all the halal places to eat in the ‘Lane – all of which offer even more hidden surprises within their shophouse walls.

the halal corner
Photo cr: The Halal Corner/Facebook

1. The Halal Corner

Think of The Halal Corner’s third and newest home as the grown-up version of its earlier outlets. For one, they don’t occupy just a stall in a coffeeshop anymore but an entire two-storied shophouse unit. Starting service on April 26, they serve some of the most unique Western fusion creations, with dishes like Double Trouble John (an upsized Roti John), and Samyang Carbonara, and even Bazooka Bubblegum shots.

Address: 63 Haji Lane, Singapore 189256
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily

Rumi on Haji Lane
Photo cr: Rumi/Facebook

2. Rumi The Poet’s Cup

After ending their collaboration with The Straits Teppanyaki where they occupied the rooftop spot above the restaurant, drinks-brand Rumi The Poet’s Cup reopened with their own standalone shop in Haji Lane. From our memories of them at food events, everything we’ve tried at Rumi is wildly delicious especially the Iced Teh Tarik and Iced Caramel Machiatto. They’ve also recently added waffles to the menu, which is the perfect thing to munch on during the cafe’s storied community events like chess nights and poetry nights.

Address: 64 Haji Lane, Singapore 189257
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: 5pm to 12am daily

The French American Bakery on Haji Lane
Photo by The French American Bakery on Facebook

3. The French American Bakery

The French American Bakery has been in Haji Lane for less than a year, but it still draws long queues outside the store. The takeaway bakery is the spot for buttery baked goodies of both the French variety (i.e. croissants) and American (i.e cookies and loaf cakes), and you should keep the photogenic turquoise front in mind for your next Haji Lane OOTD shot.

Address: 49 Haji Lane, Singapore 189242
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: Open daily except Mon, 11am – 6pm

The Mad Sailors on Haji Lane
Photo cr: The Mad Sailors/Facebook

4. The Mad Sailors

This is Haji Lane’s go-to place for halal British grub, although the menu goes way beyond good ol’ fish & chips. They have a selection of starters ranging from sourdough to oysters, all of which you can order on their own, or as sides. The fish & chips list has tons of interesting options featuring various top quality fish like halibut, cod and barramundi. This would be an ideal place for a group lunch or dinner.

Address: 24 Haji Lane, Singapore 189217
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: Open daily 12pm to 10pm

Pasha Turkish Restaurant
Photo cr: Pasha Turkish Restaurant/Facebook

5. Pasha

If you’re looking for a great Middle Eastern meal in Kampong Glam, but don’t necessarily feel like wandering far from Haji Lane, consider Pasha Turkish Restaurant – a casual spot serving excellent Turkish, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Asian food like shish kebab, kofta, shawarma and pine. The atmosphere is relaxed but not boring, and the blue-and-white tiled tables are the perfect backdrops for all your food photos.

Address: 14 Haji Lane, Singapore 189207
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: Open daily except Mon, 11am – 11pm

Shalaby Sweets on Haji Lane
Photo cr: TB Foo/Google Reviews

6. Shalaby Sweets Turkish & Arabic Delights

If you want to have legitimate baklava or kunafa without leaving the country, go to the Shalaby Sweets, a brand so committed to bringing their national pastries to Singapore that they ship all of their products freshly made in trays from Turkey, and not in pre-packed boxes. They have at least 10 different types of baklava at any given time, and the pistachio, chocolate, and walnut varieties are some of the best. 

Address: 54 Haji Lane, Singapore 189247
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: Open daily 11.30am – 9pm

I am at Haji Lane
Photo cr: I am/Facebook

7. I Am…Cafe

Haji Lane’s venerable I Am… cafe has been around for almost 10 years, serving Dutch-inspired food that ranges from Amsterdam favourite Fries & Mayo fish & chips to juicy burgers and more. Opened in 2013, the cafe at the corner of Haji Lane and North Bridge Road is hard to miss especially with a large replica of the “I am…” block letter structure prominently placed near the entrance.

Address: 674 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188804
Halal Status: Muslim-owned
Operating Hours: Open daily 11am – 10pm

Momolato cafe on haji Lane
Photo cr: Momolato

Bonus: Momolato

This gelato cafe is neither halal-certified nor Muslim-owned, but we had to include it in the list since its gelato is in fact, halal-certified and crafted in a halal-certified production kitchen. While we love the triple chocolate and the maoshanwang durian sorbet made from fresh maoshanwang durian flesh, this is the kind of place where you should try new flavours every time you visit. Seats are available in the tropical-themed cafe, but if you prefer to eat your cold treat on the go, we suggest getting your gelato in a pandan cone or grab a fruity popsicle!

Address: 34 Haji Lane, Singapore 189227
Halal Status: Products are halal-certified, check in-store for more details
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 11pm / Friday & Sat 12pm – 2am

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Top photo by Bna Ignacio on Unsplash

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