Ground Floor Coffee: New home-based “cafe” on the first floor of a Pasir Ris HDB with drinks from S$4

Your friendly neighbourhood barista.

Ground Floor Coffee is exactly what its name suggests.

The home-based “café” operates from a residential unit on the ground floor of a HDB flat located in the Pasir Ris Estate.

Unconventional location aside, its menu is typical of a regular cafe with a focus on specialty coffee such as lattes and mocha.

The whole setup operates through a window where orders are taken and freshly brewed coffees are handed out to customers.

Here’s also where coffee aficionados can catch a glimpse of the home espresso machine, which comes with a single head portafilter and a fully-automated milk steaming and frothing system.

Here’s how the place looks like:

The menu

The main menu consists of mainly espresso-based beverages, all of which comes in a single size only for now (about 12oz or a Tall at Starbucks).

  • Latte (S$4)
  • Lavender Latte (S$6)
  • Vanilla Latte (S$5)
  • Caramel Latte (S$5)
  • Dark Mokka (S$6)
  • Pure Chocolate (S$5)

The drinks come with a single shot of espresso by default, and extra shots cost S$1 each. Prices are the same for both hot or iced drinks.

Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram
cup of hot coffee
Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram
cup of iced coffee
Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram
coffee cup
Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram

Kek Gula Hangus

Complementing the coffee menu is the sole cake so far: Kek Gula Hangus which literally translates to ‘burnt sugar cake’.

Ground Floor Coffee cake
Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram

For the uninitiated, the name is given to the cake due to the addition of ‘burnt sugar’ (caramel) into its batter. A distinct feature of the cake is its springy honeycomb-like texture and slightly bitter, dark caramel flavour.

These cakes are freshly baked by the barista’s mum everyday, and sold in slices.

Camping/garden vibes seating area

Ground Floor Coffee is not necessarily a cafe per se, but there are a few al fresco seats available if you’re lucky.

A couple of foldable chairs takes a nod from the rising camping trend, whereas a wrought iron table and matching chairs provide more shade under a parasol as you wait for your coffee.

Camping chairs at Ground Floor Coffee
Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram
Garden vibes
Photo via @ground_floor_coffee on Instagram

Trial period

As it is still a fairly new concept, the barista behind Ground Floor Coffee is very much aware of its shortcomings, particularly on cup sizes and long waiting time.

He recently addressed these issues in an Instagram video, which is worth a watch if you’re planning to drop by soon.

And if you are planning to go downstairs (hehe) to get a cuppa, take note of the shop’s opening hours as they seem to be quite sporadic at the moment. Follow @ground_floor_coffee for updates.

Ground Floor Coffee

Address: 214 Pasir Ris Street 21 (S)51021
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: “Usually open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or whenever im free” as per their Instagram bio

Photos by Ground Floor Coffee

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