Woodlands stall sells over 50 types of appam, including sweet, fruity & even nasi lemak ones

Appams with a twist!

Appam is a type of thin pancake of South Indian origins and is typically identified by its lacy edges and fluffy centres.

You might have seen it in many an Indian food stall in hawker centres, but only one stall makes over 50 varieties of this breakfast staple.

Appam Aunty Stall in Republic Polytechnic
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Appam Aunty, a stall located in a Republic Polytechnic foodcourt, is the place to go to check out these treats. And yes, it is MUIS halal-certified.

Unique flavours

Appam Aunty offers over 50 flavours of appam that come in more than just the standard toppings of orange sugar and grated coconut.

For instance, there’s the fruity series, where strawberries, power berries, and mango sticky rice come in appam form.

Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook

The adventurous might have no qualms about trying out the MSW durian or cempedak appam:

msw durian appam
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook

The following is a fusion of Indian and Malay food culture: the ondeh-ondeh appam!

Appam Aunty ondeh ondeh
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook

Speaking of Indian-Malay fusion, there are also savoury appams featuring popular Malay dishes like satay goreng, chicken rendang, and even nasi lemak!

satay goreng appam
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook
nasi lemak appam
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook

Otherwise, opt for the OG appam we are all familiar with, a plain appam with crispy edges and a spongy center made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk.

The OG appam
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook

This simple but versatile appam can be paired with various dips, such as fish curry, tomato chutney, dal tadka and more.

Not just appam

Despite its name, Appam Aunty also serves other heartier dishes that would be perfect for lunch or dinner.

The nasi lemak sets look promising, and each one comes with Signature Ikan Bilis Sambal, cucumbers, boiled egg, and crunchy fried peanuts.

Nasi lemak with spicy chicken cutlet
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook
Garlic Butter rice
Photo via Appam Aunty/Facebook

Alternatively, there are also garlic butter rice sets that pair well with the stall’s selection of curries.

Appam Aunty

Address: 27 Woodlands Ave 9, North Foodcourt #01-05, Stall 11 @ Republic Polytechnic, Singapore 737909
Halal status: MUIS Halal Certified
Opening hours: 7.30am – 7.30pm [Mon-Sun]
Order Online | Instagram | Facebook

Top photos from Google Reviews and Aunty Appam Facebook Page.

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