Noyah La Maison: Fusion Peranakan restaurant in Changi Airport is now Halal-certified

Very modern Peranakan.

Noyah La Maison is a modern restaurant located in the basement of Terminal 3 of Changi Airport.

The restaurant, which was opened by a chef inspired by contemporary takes on traditional Peranakan dishes, has an extensive menu that features all-day eats, toasts and sandwiches, rice bowls, pastas, pastries and more.

Although the concept of fusion cuisine has been widely explored, Noyah La Maison aims to push the boundaries even further.

By combining elements from the East and West, North and South, they have created a truly distinctive style of modern cooking while also highlighting the rich Peranakan flavours in every dish.

What’s on the menu

Among their offerings are the:

  • Noyah Laksa (S$9.90)
  • Baba Nicks Kari Chicken Noodles (S$9.90)
  • Beef Rendang Croissant (S$10.90)

Lunchtime onwards, a more extensive selection of Mains is available, including quirky items such as the Mala Seafood Mee Pok (S$13.90) that combines prawns, mussels and squid in a heady mala butter base atop egg noodles.

They also have dishes that pull inspiration from other cultures such as the Asam Pedas Rice Bowl (S$10.90), which puts seafood cooked asam pedas-style on a bed of blue pea rice, along with Tempeh Cream Pasta (S$10.90), a meat-free dish chock full of baked tempeh, mushrooms and onion cream.

Pastries and tarts

Sweet-toothed diners will be happy to know that they serve tarts and pastries here too, and with the same indelible Peranakan fusion touches, of course.

Some standout pastries we’re curious about include the Buah Keluak Flourless Cake (S$8.90), Cendol Tart (S$5.90), and Bandung Tart (S$5.90).

View the full menu here.

Coffee Robots

Not only does Noyah La Maison specialises in fusion cuisine, they have taken a step further by incorporating technology into the restaurant.

Noyah La Maison coffee robot
Source: Google Reviews

Come by and enjoy an interactive experience with their robot baristas, who will prepare your beverage, whether it be a coffee, tea or a cooler, adding an element of childhood wonder.

Noyah La Maison seating
Source: Google Reviews

Noyah La Maison

Address: Changi Airport Terminal 3, B2 (North), #B2-40/40A, Singapore 819663
Halal status: MUIS Halal-certified
Opening hours: Daily 8am – 10pm
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Top photos by Noyah La Maison.

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