New hawker in Newton Food Centre serves army stew, bimbimbap, dons, ramen and more

Gather your army for army stew!

Ramen and donburi (Japanese rice bowl) joints may be a dime a dozen, but it is not every day that your ramen comes from a hawker.

That is why we are happy to have discovered Hanok Kitchen recently—and, thankfully, it is Muslim-owned.

Hanok Kitchen just opened for business in Newton Food Centre a month ago and it has already garnered attention.

Occupying a stall inside the once tourist hotspot, the humble eatery serves familiar Korean and Japanese hits that have delighted our palates since the K- and J-pop craze hit our shores.

Japchae at Hanok Kitchen
Photograph: Hanok Kitchen
Army Stew
Photograph: Hanok Kitchen

Korean food enthusiasts can satisfy their K-ravings with classic Korean dishes such as Budae Jjigae Army StewBimbimbap, Kimchi Fried Rice and Japchae. The Army Stew even comes in portions for 2-3 people to share.

There is also an array of side dishes, including kimchi soup, gimbap, soy garlic chicken wings, and more. 

Korean dishes are not the only things you can find here; popular Japanese dishes are also available.

A wide range of dons featuring a variety of chicken, meat and seafood dominate the Japanese menu.

Then there are those perennial favourites like Grilled Saba Fish, Yakitori, and Spicy Octopus that might give you serious travel withdrawals.

And of course, they did not forget our favourite Japanese dish ever: ramen!

Steak Ramen, Seafood Ramen, Bulgogi Ramen and even Char Siew Ramen provide an interplay of cultural influences to cater to fans of both Japanese and Korean cuisines.

Look at the menu even harder and you will also find dishes that are closer to home like shellout.

View more photos of their dishes:

Seems like there is bound to be something for everyone at Hanok Kitchen. If not, there are other stalls to check out while you are there as well.

Here’s where to find Hanok Kitchen:
Newton Food Centre #01-80, Singapore 229495

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Open daily; 12:00pm – 11:00pm

Top images by Hanok Kitchen.

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