Our top 7 picks of halal bakeries to get goodies for Hari Raya 2021

With Hari Raya around the corner, preparations for your break fast is in order. Read ahead to find the best halal bakeries in Singapore to cater your celebration with cakes, cookies, and more.
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Hari Raya is nearing, which means preparations for the break of a one-month fast are in order. Many halal bakeries have special deals and promotions for this celebration of forgiveness, family, and food. Read ahead to find the best halal bakeries in Singapore so that you can bring the best value cookies, cakes, and traditional bakes to your Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration.

Our Top Picks and Their Hari Raya Specials

It can be hard to choose a Hari Raya caterer when Singapore is home to so many great Muslim-owned bakeries. To save you the time and effort, we’ve selected these 7 bakeries based on their top-rated reviews, special pricing, and menu of bakes.

Table comparing price range and Hari Raya deals of seven halal bakeries

Best Hari Raya Deal

Hari Raya bakeries

The All Things Delicious Ramadan and Raya store offers the widest selection of bakes (and prices) on this list. If you’re catering a family-sized celebration, you can find the best value bakes with the shop’s Hari Raya bundles. For instance, the Raya Bundle 2 consists of 1 whole cake, 1 tray of desserts and 4 jars of cookies, all for S$163.50 (after a special 10% discount). Compared to other bakeries on this list, you could save up to 14% with an All Things Delicious Bundle.

Lastly, the bakery offers a rebate system called “Delicious Dollars“. After signing up, you will receive 3% rebate per purchase, which is sometimes doubled during promotion seasons. You can even buy rebates, such as a S$100 Top Up with an actual value of S$109. From care packs to gift baskets and sweet treats to savoury mini buffets, All Things Delicious is a one-stop shop for the best Hari Raya deals.

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Best Bakery On A Budget

Hari Raya bakeries

If you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy a few sweets, consider Fluff Bakery for the breaking of your fast. The cheapest bake on the menu is the cornflake marshmallow cookie for S$1.90, which is also the least costly item of all the bakeries on this list.

Additionally, you can buy cakes and bakes by the slice, unlike many other bakeries that only sell whole cakes. From S$6.50 and up, you can create a mini buffet of different cake slices like strawberry shortcake, Thai milk, and Basque burnt cheesecake. If you want to put together a small sweets platter under S$20, try a S$4.50 slice of chocolate banana loaf, S$6.50 slice of Thai milk tres leches, S$4 chocolate salted caramel donut, and a S$4 nutella red velvet cupcake.

Best Bakery To Splurge

If cost is not an issue for your Hari Raya celebration, Lynn’s Cakes is a great option for premium cakes and cookies. The bakery specializes in unique, gourmet cakes like the Honey Berries Mascarpone, Avocado Gula Melaka, and the Lychee Rose.

The average price for a Lynn’s Cake is approximately S$81, while cookie prices range between S$18 and S$30. The upfront cost might require some splurging, but these cakes can feed up to 17 people, which makes the price worth the while. Additionally, the bakery is offering a S$10 discount on orders above S$100, which can help you offset the upfront costs.

Best For Traditional Bakes

Hari Raya bakeries

If you want to put a more traditional spin on your menu, look to The Royals Cafe for some Hari Raya centerpieces like Kueh Lapis. This multi-layer cake comes in 600g or 1.2 kg, at S$28.80 and S$58.80, respectively, which is within the average price range for Kueh Lapis in Singapore.

You can also choose from a selection of other classic sweet and savoury bakes including pineapple tarts and almond cookies. Make sure to take advantage of the S$6.05 discount on your delivery fee during the month of Ramadan, so that you can save a few dollars or put it towards an Ondeh-Ondeh Cake (S$50.30).

Celebrate Hari Raya with Cashback Rewards

You can maximise your Hari Raya deals with the right credit card. Some cards like the Maybank Family & Friends Mastercard provide up to 8% rebate on food delivery and restaurant dining. If you’re planning to break your fast with any of the bakeries on this list, call ahead to determine the shop’s merchant category code. Bakeries that act as an eating place may qualify under MCC 5812, which will allow you to get cashback with your Mastercard.

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