Ultimate list of halal Basque Burnt Cheesecakes in Singapore

From eateries to home-based businesses.
Ultimate halal BBC

Cat & the Fiddle

Photograph: @catandthefiddlecakes/ Instagram

Cat & the Fiddle is known for its extensive selection of cheesecakes, so naturally we expected them to also offer burnt cheesecake. And offer it they do.

Called ‘Charred Eclipse’ ($48.90 for seven-inch, serves 10), the cheesecake specialist’s version of the BBC takes inspiration from the solar eclipse. We definitely see the similarity; a charred exterior hiding a smooth, lavish body of cheese inside.

The website mentioned that the cake uses both cream cheese and Martabak cheese, which we think could just be mozzarella cheese. If that’s true, we imagine this one to be a nice blend of sweet and savoury flavours.

Minimum order None
Delivery fee $6.90, free for orders above $90
Order here catandthefiddle.com

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