Ultimate list of halal Basque Burnt Cheesecakes in Singapore

From eateries to home-based businesses.
Ultimate halal BBC


Photograph: @paparchsg/ Instagram

Arguably the most popular BBC brand in Singapore, Paparch is so sought after that slots for August are already full.

They open up more slots time to time, however you will need to camp on your computer to place your orders as soon as they announce it on their social media platforms.

Paparch’s burnt cheesecakes used to come in only the original flavour. The seven-inch cheesecake ($49) is good for seven people.

However, they recently introduced a new matcha version which is even more limited.

Paparch’s popularity is testament to the quality of its product. Reviews are consistently good, with most customers paying compliments to its luscious melted ooze, and a perfectly burnt crust.

Minimum order None
Delivery fee $10 per trip/location
Order here paparch.sg

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