Ultimate list of halal Basque Burnt Cheesecakes in Singapore

From eateries to home-based businesses.
Ultimate halal BBC

The Whisk Lady

Photograph: @thewhisklady/ Instagram

The Whisk Lady’s version is petite, but still checks all the boxes of a killer dessert. There’s a beautifully toasted top, a molten centre, and a variety of toppings to boot.

The ever expanding menu features the cheesecake in original ($22 for five-inch), Nutella and Speculoos ($27 for five-inch).

Her latest Instagram post introduced a new flavour: Milo! And we’re already salivating. The BBC is topped with condensed milk, powdered Milo and Milo nuggets. Milo dinosaur, what?

Order here DM @thewhisklady for more information.

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