This restaurant cooks biryani in front of you; can adjust spices to your liking

Feeds up to 4 pax.
Firetop Claypot Dhum Biryani table

When it comes to dining out these days, experiential dining is all the rage. So far we’ve seen restaurants dabbling in teppanyaki, Thai hot pot and even this cafe with Parisian vibes. But biryani?

That’s a new one, and it is now available at Mr Biryani, known for serving up Hyderabad Dhum Biryani.

As part of its first anniversary celebration starting November 8, the Indian restaurant is introducing a novel and engaging experience for diners to witness the traditional cooking process first-hand, right on their tables.

Firetop Claypot Dhum Biryani Set for S$88++

At Mr Biryani, the signature Hyderabi Dhum Biryani is its pièce de résistance, loved for its lip-smacking aroma and intense flavours – a result from slow cooking the ingredients in a sealed, large vessel.

Its best traits also include unbelievably tender meat and the fluffiest of rice.

Cooking this type of one-pot dish is no swift task, though. It could take hours or even overnight in certain cases.

The restaurant is taking the tradition from the kitchen to the table, allowing diners to enjoy a novel and interactive way of consuming the familiar Indian dish.

Whilst the vessel has been scaled down for tabletop cooking, the ingredients and method of cooking remain the same.

Herbs and spices to make dhum biryani
Herbs and spices. Photo: Mr Biryani

Upon ordering the Firetop Claypot Dhum Biryani Set Menu (S$88++), a staff
member will wheel a trolley of wares and a colourful assortment of ingredients that go into the dish.

Diners can choose either the Boneless Chicken or Vegetables set.

As the ingredients are layered into the earthenware pot by the tableside, every step will be detailed to the diner to explain the flavours it can bring forth.

Cook your own biryani

At this point, diners who wish to take things into their own hands can opt to do the “cooking” with the staff’s guidance.

This is also the time to adjust the spice levels to your liking by putting as little (or as much) spices and herbs into the mix.

Once everything is set and sprinkled, the pot will then be sealed with dough to
trap the steaming aroma – just the way it is done traditionally.

The clay pot is then placed on a stove and cooked over fire for a period of approximately 20 minutes.

Dhum Biryani in a pot
Dhum Biryani in a pot. Photo: Mr Biryani

You will know the dish is ready when you can smell the herbaceous fragrance bellowing under your nostrils.

The Firetop Claypot Dhum Biryani Set Menu is available exclusively at the AXA Tower outlet every Thursday to Saturday, and is enough to feed a table of four people.

Diners are encouraged to pre-order at least a day in advance as each portion is freshly prepared in separate and limited quantities.

Comes with starters and side dishes

While waiting for the meal to fully cook, diners can start with the starters and side dishes that accompany the set meal.

This includes a wide variety of Indian cuisine classics such as paneers, curries and tikkas to complement the full dining experience.

Amongst the starters, some must-tries include the tongue-tingling Andra Chilli Paneer, and addictive, spicy and tangy Chicken or Fish Tikka.

Andra Chilli Paneer
Andra Chilli Paneer. Photo: Mr Biryani
Fish Tikka
Fish Tikka. Photo: Mr Biryani

For sides, the crowd favourite Lamb Shank Masala is a mammoth club of meat that is slow-cooked till fork tender, while the Bhindi Palli Fry features okra stir-fried with spices and

Lamb Shank Masala
Lamb Shank Masala. Photo: Mr Biryani
Bhindi Palli Fry
Bhindi Palli Fry. Photo: Mr Biryani

Home delivery & Diwali festive package

If you’d rather have a biryani party at home or office, Mr Biryani offers a flat S$10 islandwide delivery fee for a minimum purchase of S$30.

Orders above S$60 get free delivery.

As meals are prepared fresh for optimal enjoyment, customers are encouraged to place
their orders at least 2 hours ahead of the desired mealtime for preparation and delivery.

For the festive month of Diwali, special set packages are also available for customers till November 30.

Each set feeds 5-6 pax and comes with pre-selected side dishes and naan for accompaniment.

Customers can choose from these three packages:

  • Lamb Shank Package (S$108 nett)
  • Hyderabad Chicken Package (S$98 nett)
  • Vegetarian Package (S$88 nett)

Island wide delivery is included with every order, free of charge.

Here are some photos of the food:

Here’s where to find Mr Biryani:
Norris Road: #32 Norris Road, Singapore 208274
AXA Tower: B1-24, 8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower, Singapore 068811

Note that the Firetop Claypot Dhum Briyani is exclusive to the AXA Tower outlet only.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

AXA Tower opening hours: 
Monday to Thursday: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Friday to Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Closed on Sundays

Top images by Mr Biryani.

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