New teh tarik takeaway shop in Arab St lets you get your chai fix from a window

Let’s go!
Tarik Cafe

In a discreet shophouse unit on Arab Street is Tarik Cafe, a new teh tarik shop that immediately refreshes the neighbourhood with its caffeinated offerings.

Unlike other F&B shops that are concentrated on the teeming Bussorah St thouroughfare, Tarik Cafe is situated along the stretch of predominantly textile shops.

Blue and white shopfront

The shop is not hard to spot given its unexpected location. The shop’s windows and door are framed by a uniform shade of blue, whilst the menu is placed at the top of the shopfront.

If you’re driving, look out for the shop’s round signage.

Or, try to spot the shop owner pulling hot tea with finesse.

You’ve probably figured the shop’s all about teh tarik by now, but take a look at what’s available here anyway:

The Original Chai (Teh Tarik)

Ginger Chai (Teh Halia)

Zaffron Chai (Teh Zaffran)

The above drinks are undoubtedly what you should go to Tarik Cafe for, but other drinks like Teh O, Teh O Limau, Kopi O and Milo are also available.

As for cold beverages, most of the drinks can be made into iced versions, although Assam Boi and Kathirah might be better options on a hot day.

Teh in a box

Similar to Bhai Sarbat round the corner, Tarik Cafe also serves the hot beverage in compact to-go boxes.

Each box holds 2.8 litres (96 oz) of your favourite chai, and the prices are as follows:

  • The Original Chai (Teh Tarik): S$30
  • Ginger Chai (Teh Halia): S$32
  • Tandoori Chai (Teh Masala): S$33

Food also available

For food, Tarik Cafe has a decent selection of food, mostly tea time snacks, to go along with your tea.

As it is a takeaway shop, the food here are mainly items you can eat on-the-go or dabao back home/office.

Kaya butter buns

Baklava rings

Nasi Sambal Goreng


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Address: 78 Arab Street, Singapore 199775
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: To be updated

Top photos from @briyani_bhai on Instagram.

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