These S$10 monster milkshakes come in flavours like durian and raspberry ripple; islandwide delivery only S$5

Get sugar high at home.

There are some food items we never imagine could be had at home, but this year has taught us nothing is impossible. Hotpot delivery anyone?

So, we’re not too surprised when we discovered PotionLabz recently.

The online-only business specialises in monster milkshakes — epic-looking milkshakes piled with ingredients of all kinds that don’t seem like they would survive a car ride.

Yet, PotionLabz creates and delivers these grafity-defying drinks straight to your doorstep so you can get sugar high safely at home.

Rotating menu of monster milkshakes

PotionLabz offers these crazy beverages ranging from S$10 to S$12.

The menu rotates every two weeks so there’s always something new to slurp into.

Flavours on this week’s menu includes the Durian Milkshake (S$10), a vanilla-based shake blended with durian flesh that comes with a durian puff filled with meaty, plump durian flesh. This is then topped with whipped cream, durian crackers, wafer rolls and durian flesh on the sides of the cup.

Durian and Raspberry Ripple milkshakes
Durian and Raspberry Ripple Milkshakes. Photo by @eatswithluisa

There’s also the Raspberry Ripple Milkshake (S$10), which comes with homemade raspberry infused spread folded with vanilla ice cream creating spiral ripples.

The top is piled with whipped cream, raspberry cheesecake, berry cookies and wafer rolls. The cup’s rim is coated with white chocolate ganache with crushed wafer biscuits for extra crunch.

Mooncake Milkshake
Mooncake Milkshake. Photo by @liveloveatwithjie

To celebrate the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mooncake Milkshake (S$12) makes an appearance. This seasonal offering features a blend of yam and coconut ice-cream with a sprinkle of mooncake skin crumbs.

It also comes with whipped cream topping, and topped with homemade ice cream mooncake, rabbit shaped meringues, yam sticks and lantern toppers to make it super festive.

Unicorn Milkshake
Unicorn Milkshake in the middle. Photo by @jtkmphotography

As if the milkshakes are not visually appealing to kids enough, PotionLabz even came up with a Children’s Day special which is the Unicorn Milkshake (S$10).

Bright, cheerful colours are certainly the theme as the milkshake features Paddle Pop-esque swirls of vanilla flavoured milkshake, topped with whipped cream, sour strips, colourful jelly pudding, tasty buttercream rainbow cake and a balloon topper!

Other milkshakes on the menu

PotionLabz is definitely not lacking in creativity as the other milkshakes on their menu would show.

The crazy toppings are what make them all the more impressive, and these include croissants, muffins, churros, Belgian waffles, donuts and cotton candy.

They say seeing is believing, so here’s proof:

If you’re ordering these shakes for an event or party, PotionLabz also offers cake toppers like Happy Birthday and Congratulations for an extra S$2 – S$3.

S$5 Delivery

Interestingly, PotionLabz charges a low fee of S$5 for islandwide delivery. Given the delicate nature of these milkshakes, we think this is super affordable.

From the photos above, it seems like the milkshakes maintain their structural integrity upon arrival. Kudos to PotionLabz and their delivery staff.

However, orders are only limited to Saturdays and Sundays so you might not get to enjoy them if you need them delivered on a weekday.

On top of that, delivery will only be done between 6pm to 11pm. So parents, we foresee you might have a hard time putting your kids to bed after.

To order, fill up the form on @potionlabz on Instagram.

Top photos by @whatfood.s and @audrey_the_foodie.

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